Emergency dentist in Omaha with patientDo you need an emergency dentist in Omaha? If an accident happened to you and you needed a doctor, where would you go? There’s a good chance that you know where the nearest emergency room that could take care of practically any medical issue you can think of. But when it comes to dental emergencies, there’s a good chance that your favorite emergency room would come up sorely short for good treatment options. Put another way, they could probably save your life, but what about your smile and the future of your dental health? That’s why you have us available to you.

Emergency Dentist Omaha

When most people think of dental care, they most commonly think of check-ups, cleanings, drilling and filling, and little more. The trouble with that is that medical emergencies often include more than just heart attacks, trouble breathing, and other issues. They also cover events such as a tooth being knocked out by a carelessly raised elbow, a schoolyard fight, or one of a practically endless number of events that most people simply consider a lost cause, right? Not necessarily.

It is true that at one time a tooth that was knocked out by one cause or another meant that the tooth was thrown away, never to be seen or considered again, until the day that school pictures were taken, or a family event was held. Fortunately, with today’s science and technology, it’s not that way anymore. Teeth, even when they are knocked out completely, and are even accompanied by damage to your gums and jaws, can be treated effectively so you can enjoy a life without a missing or crooked smile.

Emergency Dental Services

Our dental emergency services include:

  • Abscess
  • Broken or swollen jaw
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Denture Repair
  • Gum Disease
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Loose brackets and wires
  • Lost crowns and fillings and so much more!

If you have questions about Omaha emergency dental procedures, also read our Frequently Asked Questions.

A Smile as Good as New

There are a lot of things in life that have changed so much in recent years that you almost wouldn’t recognize them anymore. Dentistry is one of them. Whereas in the past, a dentist was a kindly older gentleman who provided traditional dental care to you and your family, and perhaps even to the next generation of your family, he–or she–is now a highly trained professional who is not only trained to handle general dental care, but a wide range of other dental services as well. This includes dental emergencies that encompass the ordinary dental care as well as more specific dental problems such as broken teeth. damaged gums, and the after effects of many other events.

At Emergency Dental Omaha, we perform all of these services and many more. We are specialists in emergency dental care, but we also provide general dental care as well. These services include cosmetic fillings, whitening, treatment of cavities, and much more.


Even if you do try to take good care of your teeth, there are times when you just wake up and find yourself with dental pain. Unfortunately, a toothache can mean a lot of things. It could indicate something as simple as having bitten into something wrong. On the other hand, however, a toothache could be an indicator of something that is very serious, or could become so. The trouble with most toothaches is that most people are inclined to ignore the problem, hoping it’s something minor that will eventually go away, and sometimes it will.

More realistically, a toothache is a sign of a problem that could become much more serious than just a toothache. It could indicate a cavity, an infection, or more serious problems such as periodontal disease. Regardless of the reason for your toothache, it is best to have it checked out since your minor toothache today could mean much more serious problems in the near future. You could be setting yourself up for what could result in tooth loss, or something even more serious.

Teeth for Life

As much as some people believe otherwise, teeth can last your entire life. It’s easy to take them for granted though since they are not something you think about a lot. When you do think of them and take care of them by daily brushing and flossing, twice-a-year cleaning and exams, and paying close attention to dental emergencies when they do occur, you really can have your teeth your whole life. Not only that, but they will also remain beautiful your whole life.

Why not call Emergency Dental Omaha for an appointment and to start a plan aimed at keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful for life?